OP Paper Airplanes

I think I was a bear cub when this story happened.

The monthly meeting of Pack 253 was coming up. The meeting's theme was a paper airplane contest. The scouts would simply show up, fold an airplane, and throw it. The plane who flew the farthest was declared the winner would get a prize.

Apparently, however, this wasn't good enough for our den leader. See, our den leader was a carpenter who enjoyed "going against the system". Folding paper airplanes? PFFTTT! Anyone could do that. No, our den leader did something more exciting.

During the den meeting right before the paper airplane contest, we were gathered around our den leader, and he told us to pick a piece of paper from a hat. Only one slip of paper was marked with a pen. I got the marked paper, but I didn't know what this meant.

Our den leader finally revealed why we picked slips of paper. We were going to be constructing paper airplanes for the contest in a few days. But... these planes were special. They were paper airplane kits, but they didn't fly by being thrown. No, they were powered by rubber bands and propellers. They were still made of paper, so technically, it wasn't breaking any rules!

We picked from the hat because I guess they ran out of the normal paper airplane kits, and I had to get a special kit. The other scout's final product looked something like this, while mine looked something like this.

Two days later was the pack meeting at our town's middle school gym. The cub master took one look at our horribly overpowered planes. He said that our planes couldn't compete with the other scout's planes. So... we had to fly separately :(. But, we got our revenge.

After the other scouts flew their paper airplanes, it was our turn to throw our super planes. We wound them up, and let them go. Mine flew up high, and hit a beam. It then fell straight down... right where the cub master was standing. Luckily, the plane was as light as a feather, because it crashed into the cub master on top of his head.

I don't remember who won amongst our den, probably because I was afraid the cub master was going to be mad at hitting him in the head. Eh, it was karma for not letting us compete with the other scouts!

There are a couple of reasons why this story is memorable for me. First is I thought I caused bodily damage to my cub master and I was traumatized for doing that. But the second was that I was taught that finding loopholes can be fun!

Let this be a lesson to upcoming cub masters... either make the rules very clear when making a contest, or you may be hit in the head by a loophole.

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