This is a quick overview about the people that were in my troop by their first name. I didn't include last names for privacy reasons.

The way this page is organized is by grade-school graduating class, and by extension, the year we joined scouts. "Generation 0" means that the person was the same age as me (i.e. we were in the same school year). "Generation 1" means that the person is a year younger than me (i.e. they were in the school year after me). "Generation 2" mean that the person is two years younger than me, etc. "Generation -1" means that the person is a year older than me, while "Generation -2" means that the person is 2 years older than me, etc.

All adult leaders, meanwhile, have "Mr." or "Mrs." in front of a subset of their last name.

Generation -2

Old Seth

Old Seth was 2 years older than me. He was also named Seth, and since he is older than me, he will be known on this website as "Old Seth". He became Eagle a couple years after I joined. His Eagle project was the first one I helped work on.

He was a leader when I first joined, but he was also a strict one.

Generation 0

Seth (me)

In my time in scouts, I started as the troop librarian. This was an easy job, just make sure people returned their books on time. I then became the assistant patrol leader (APL) for the Flaming Arrows patrol with my friend Brett as the leader. I then became the patrol leader for several years afterwards, and always somehow won re-election despite being a meh leader. My last election cycle, I became the assistant senior patrol leader (ASPL), before getting my Eagle and turning 18.

I then hung around for 2 years while I attended community college at HVCC. When I graduated from HVCC, I moved away to attend RIT, and left the troop.


Brett was my best friend in scouts. We were always tent-mates during summer camps. We were in the same patrol: The Flaming Arrows. Brett became Eagle several years before I did.


Rob was another one of my best friends in scouts. Despite being a jerk, he was well loved by all of the younger scouts. His dad (and eventually him when he got his license) drove to camping trips in a massive van. The van had a TV in it, so we could play video games on the way to camping trips.

Rob and I were in the same Den together, in fact his dad was our Den leader.


Jim was another one of my best friends, and actually the first friend I had when I moved to Castleton. He joined Cub Scouts a few years after I did.

He was a well-loved member of the troop. He was senior patrol leader (SPL) for one year, and he did a good job with it. Since we were neighbors, him, myself, and Ian would carpool to meetings together.


Ian moved to Castleton when I was in 6th grade and was my next door neighbor. We had a... rocky relationship at the start; but we got over it and became friends.

He became Eagle a few years before I did. He was SPL for one year, and he was also the Quartermaster for a bit as well. When he turned 18, he became an assistant scoutmaster until he went off to college.


Kyle was a three-season athlete, but he still made time to go to troop meetings. To the younger scouts, he was intimidating, so they listened to him. In my opinion, he was one of the most effective SPLs we had in our troop while I was there.

He also stuck around after turning 18 as an assistant scoutmaster.


Chris... while he is okay today, he wasn't very well liked him back in scouts. He was one of those people who, I believe, were forced to join scouts by his parents. He quit a few years after joining.


Generation 1

Matt M

Matt M was Mr. M's son.

Generation 4





Will N

Generation 5

Mike P

Adult Leaders

Mr. M

Mr. M was the second scoutmaster I had.

Mr. N

Mr. N was the third scoutmaster I had. He was a former marine, and was also no-nonsense. He got on my nerves sometimes, but he was a good scoutmaster. He was also Will's dad.

Mr. Z

Mr Z was the fourth scout mater I had. He was Jason's father.