My First Skit

Every year, our troop would have a court of honor. It was when we all gathered at the local fire house and had a delicious dinner, and celebrate everyone's accomplishments throughout the year. It was tradition that each year, there would be a skit.

The year 2004 (or so) was no exception, and I got drafted into doing a skit with my friend Jim and a few other scouts. This skit was a version on the Making a Film skit, also known as "The Director". The idea is a scene plays out normally, but at the end of the take, the director doesn't like it. So, they add some suggestions such as make it a musical, or make it fast, or slow it down. At the end, the director likes the last take. I won't spoil the final punch line from there :).

I brought my video camera with me, and Matt M, playing the camera man, recorded it. Below, you'll see a video of us being silly and having fun. I play the doctor, and Jim plays the guy who calls for help.

I hope you enjoyed it, we had fun putting it on!

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